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Weighted Workout Vest


Using a weighted vest in your routine allows you to add and adjust the resistance as needed. Additional weight adds a noticeable challenge to any form of exercise and greatly increases your overall calorie burn.ADJUSTABLE WEIGHTED VEST: The Weighted Workout Vest fits every size athlete due to it's included 2 different side straps and adjust-ability on the shoulders. Easily intensify your strength or cross-training or your run using this Adjustable Workout Vest. MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The cut of the vest is specifically designed for all training movements. Running, Jumping, Handstand Push-ups, and even handstand walks. With this vest, you can do it all without the vest moving from its perfect position.
These features make this vest fit Athletes from skinny to bulky and small to tall. This vest really fits everybody.

Wearing a weighted vest is simply a method of adding extra weight to your body. The added resistance requires your heart, lungs, and muscles to work harder which leads to a more efficient workout. In short, wearing a weighted vest makes your workout more effective.


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