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Inflatable Swimming Pool with Roof


What better way to cool off and celebrate a vacation than with a visit to the pool? With this Swimming Pool Inflatable, you can enjoy all day and rest with this amazing pool toy. High-quality materials: high-strength hot carbon rigid PVC layered independent airbag adopts enhanced hot-melt technology, which is firm and not easy to break. If a single layer leaks, it will not affect the normal use of other layers.Upgraded anti-leak valve: Each airbag has an upgraded version of the anti-leak valve. The anti-leak valve is highly sealed to prevent air leakage.Prevent baby from falling: The thickened airbag at the bottom effectively prevents the cold on the ground, avoids the sharp drop of water temperature, and prevents the baby from falling and stinging when swimming or playing in the swimming pool.After use, open the bottom drain plug. After the water is drained, place the swimming pool in the shade and dry it. Then open the vent valve, completely deflate and put it in a PE bag and place it in the shade.

This pool inflatable can be used at any pool. Simply find place to rest in your pool, then inflate, fill - And enjoy!


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